JPBI (Jurnal Pendidikan Biologi Indonesia)

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Genre: biology education, Education (General), L7-991, Biology (General), QH301-705.5
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: University of Muhammadiyah Malang 2017
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Titel: Agus Slamet:  2019. Developing genetic learning module based on blue eyes phenomenon in Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi
Titel: Ahsanul Akhsan Dasi:  2019. The relationship between personal responsibility and pro-environmental intention in high schools' students
Titel: Ainur Rofieq:  2019. Project-based learning: Improving students’ activity and comprehension through lesson study in senior high school
Titel: Anik Twiningsih:  2019. The effectiveness of problem-based thematic learning module to improve primary school student’s critical thinking skills
Titel: Betty Novia Pramesti:  2019. The feasibility of biology module based on Stim-HOTS models
Titel: Devi Ratnasari:  2019. Empowering scientific thinking skills through creative problem solving with scaffolding learning
Titel: Diana Hernawati:  2019. Science literacy skills through the experience of project activities with assisted local potential based learning materials
Titel: Fenny Roshayanti:  2019. The profile of students’ analytical skills in environmental issues of coastal area
Titel: Gideon Mwanda:  2019. Understanding the bottlenecks in methodological adoption of constructivism in secondary schools in Kenya
Titel: Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan:  2019. Students’ pro-environmental behavior and environmental learning outcomes based on green consumerism
Titel: Irwan Irwan:  2019. Developing guided inquiry-based ecosystem module to improve students’ critical thinking skills
Titel: Marheny Lukitasari:  2019. Using critical analysis to develop metacognitive ability and critical thinking skills in biology
Titel: Nia Nurdiani:  2019. Reasoning patterns and modes of prospective biology teachers on embryology learning with TPACK framework
Titel: Novaristiana R:  2019. Scientific literacy profile in biological science of high school students
Titel: Nurhaty Purnama Sari:  2019. Teacher’s questioning skills and students’ responses in science subject based on parenting style perspectives
Titel: Nurwidodo Nurwidodo:  2019. Building pro-environmental behavior among school community of Adiwiyata green school
Titel: Puji Hendarto:  2019. Validity of guided inquiry-based modules on digestive system to improve argumentation skill
Titel: Riska Dian Pratiwi:  2019. The effects of personality and intention to act toward responsible environmental behavior
Titel: Rusdi Hasan:  2019. The activeness, critical, and creative thinking skills of students in the Lesson Study-based inquiry and cooperative learning
Titel: Tutut Indria Permana:  2019. Critical thinking skills: The academic ability, mastering concepts, and analytical skill of undergraduate students
Titel: Ahmad Fauzi:  2018. Research methods and data analysis techniques in education articles published by Indonesian biology educational journals
Titel: Ajizatunnisa Ajizatunnisa:  2018. Booklet development based on research identification of fiddler crab (Uca spp.) diversity in mangrove ecosystem
Titel: Alfi Suciyati:  2018. Developing the fun and educative module in plant morphology and anatomy learning for tenth graders
Titel: Alfiana Monika Sari:  2018. Improving students learning motivation through mobile learning
Titel: Alif Yanuar Zukmadini:  2018. Developing antimicrobial medicinal plants pocketbook based on local wisdom of Muko-Muko and Serawai ethnics
Titel: Anna Jarrotul Khoiriyah:  2018. Problem-based learning: Creative thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and learning outcome of seventh grade students
Titel: Ansar Ansar:  2018. Scene setting activities: One of students’ learning motivation factor
Titel: Arif Didik Kurniawan:  2018. Developing flash media of Quranic-based human reproduction system material
Titel: Arindra Trisna Widiansyah:  2018. I-invertebrata as an android-based learning media for molluscs, arthropods, and echinoderms identification and its influence on students' motivation
Titel: Astuti Muh. Amin:  2018. Lecturers’ perception on students’ critical thinking skills development and problems faced by students in developing their critical thinking skills
Titel: Azizul Ghofar Candra Wicaksono:  2018. Analysis of students’ science motivation and nature of science comprehension in middle school
Titel: Bayu Sandika:  2018. Improving creative thinking skills and scientific attitude through inquiry-based learning in basic biology lecture toward student of biology education
Titel: Chaerul Novitasari:  2018. Facts and proofs diagnostic test and structural communication grid test on the topic of bacteria: A quantitative analysis
Titel: Diyah Ayu Widyaningrum:  2018. Developing of guided inquiry-based biochemistry practicum guidebook
Titel: Diyyan Marneli:  2018. Chemistry education student response toward general biology course: A descriptive study
Titel: Editor JPBI:  2018. Back matter
Titel: Editor JPBI:  2018. Front matter
Titel: Evi Suryawati:  2018. The implementation of school-literacy-movement: Integrating scientific literacy, characters, and HOTS in science learning
Titel: Fahmie Firmansyah:  2018. Self-efficacy and motivation: Improving biology learning outcomes of senior high school students
Titel: Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan:  2018. Improving students’ motoric skills through demonstration method in recycling plastic waste
Titel: Kseniya Fomichova:  2018. Parents’ perceptions on previous and current science education system in Japan
Titel: Maulida Ulfa Hidayah:  2018. Developing the archaebacteria and eubacteria web-based learning media for high school students
Titel: Mustafa Ainul Yaqin:  2018. Think-pair-square learning: Improving student’s collaborative skills and cognitive learning outcome on animal diversity course
Titel: Nguyen The Dung:  2018. General informatics teaching with B-Learning teaching model
Titel: Nurwidodo Nurwidodo:  2018. Strategies for establishing networking with partner schools for implementing lesson study in Indonesia
Titel: Pinkan Amita Tri Prasasti:  2018. SETS-based guided experiment book: Empowering science process skills of elementary school students
Titel: Pratchayapong Yasri:  2018. Two sides of the same coin: Student justification for or against evolutionary theory
Titel: Ratna Yulinda:  2018. Learning interest of pre-service biology teachers on contextual-based Plant Morphology course
Titel: Risya Pramana Situmorang:  2018. Cultivating students’ environmental awareness by creating bottle garden in school: A qualitative study
Titel: Rizki Agung Sambodo:  2018. Developing mobile learning as ecology practical tool using three-layer observation framework

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