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Titel: Ansari, Mansour:  2017. A comprehensive approach in high-grade glioma management: position statement from the Neuro-Oncology Scientific Club (NOSC), Shiraz, Iran
Titel: Blumentrath, Christian G.:  2017. Cannabinoid hyperemesis and the cyclic vomiting syndrome in adults: recognition, diagnosis, acute and long-term treatment
Titel: Büchter, Roland Brian:  2017. Interventions for reducing self-stigma in people with mental illnesses: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials
Titel: Dalal, Varsha:  2017. Bilateral rhabdoid meningioma mimicking glioma: an unusual occurrence
Titel: Gasenzer, Elena R.:  2017. The prevalence of chronic pain in orchestra musicians
Titel: Ghandourah, Abdalmalik O.:  2017. Cone-beam tomographic analysis of canalis sinuosus accessory intraosseous canals in the maxilla
Titel: Groth, Antje:  2017. Real life pharmaceutical treatment patterns for adult patients with focal epilepsy in Germany: a longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis of recently approved anti-epileptic drugs
Titel: Hennig, Michael:  2017. Current practice and perspectives in CRO oversight based on a survey performed among members of the German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa)
Titel: Hoffmann, Gerd:  2017. Water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) overcomes swallowing disorders and hypersalivation – a case report
Titel: Jacob, Louis:  2017. Conflicts at work are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease
Titel: Jacob, Louis:  2017. Prevalence of depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, and somatoform disorders in patients with age-related macular degeneration in Germany
Titel: Jacob, Louis:  2017. Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy in Germany: a retrospective study of 100,197 patients
Titel: Kastrup, Marc:  2017. Transition from in-hospital ventilation to home ventilation: process description and quality indicators
Titel: Kumpf, Oliver:  2017. Quality indicators in intensive care medicine for Germany – third edition 2017
Titel: Moebus, Susanne:  2017. Frequency and trends of hospital treated pesticide poisonings in Germany 2000–2014
Titel: Mohamed, Hanaa Mahmoud:  2017. Genetic alterations in benign prostatic hyperplasia patients
Titel: Shruti, Sharma:  2017. Matrix-producing metaplastic breast carcinoma – a rare tumor with heterologous elements
Titel: Shruti, Sharma:  2017. Parathyroid carcinoma: an unusual presentation of a rare neoplasm
Titel: Siraj, Fouzia:  2017. Myeloid sarcoma: a report of four cases at unusual sites
Titel: Bleidorn, Jutta:  2016. Recurrent urinary tract infections and complications after symptomatic versus antibiotic treatment: follow-up of a randomised controlled trial
Titel: Blumentrath, Christian Georg:  2016. The sword of Damocles for the splenectomised: death by OPSI
Titel: Buchberger, Barbara:  2016. Evidence mapping for decision making: feasibility versus accuracy – when to abandon high sensitivity in electronic searches
Titel: El Okda, E. A.:  2016. Switching to instant black coffee modulates sodium selenite-induced cataract in rats
Titel: Hoffmann, Gerd:  2016. Heat for wounds – water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) for wound healing – a review
Titel: Ismail, Mostafa:  2016. Sellar reconstruction without intrasellar packing after endoscopic surgery of pituitary macroadenomas is better than its reputation
Titel: Jacob, Louis:  2016. Gender-based differences in the antidepressant treatment of patients with depression in German psychiatric practices
Titel: Jacob, Louis:  2016. Impact of caesarean section on mode of delivery, pregnancy-induced and pregnancy-associated disorders, and complications in the subsequent pregnancy in Germany
Titel: Jacob, Louis:  2016. Prevalence of chronic diseases among older patients in German general practices
Titel: Petersen, Sven:  2016. TST36 stapling for rectocele and hemorrhoidal prolapse – early results of the prospective German multicenter study
Titel: Preuss, Rebekka:  2016. Quality of care in patients with atrial fibrillation in primary care: a cross-sectional study comparing clinical and claims data
Titel: Rombo, Roman:  2016. Effect of chaetocin on renal cell carcinoma cells and cytokine-induced killer cells
Titel: Sudulagunta, Sreenivasa Rao:  2016. Refractory myasthenia gravis – clinical profile, comorbidities and response to rituximab
Titel: Varsha, Dalal:  2016. Solitary Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the hard palate: a diagnostic pitfall
Titel: Anlauf, Manfred:  2015. Complementary and alternative drug therapy versus science-oriented medicine
Titel: Bleidorn, Jutta:  2015. Why do – or don’t – patients with urinary tract infection participate in a clinical trial? A qualitative study in German family medicine
Titel: DAS-Taskforce 2015:  2015. Evidence and consensus based guideline for the management of delirium, analgesia, and sedation in intensive care medicine. Revision 2015 (DAS-Guideline 2015) – short version
Titel: Ernst, Sinja Alexandra:  2015. Prenatal recruitment of participants for a birth cohort study including cord blood collection: results of a feasibility study in Bremen, Germany
Titel: Hautz, Stefanie C.:  2015. The scholar role in the National Competence Based Catalogues of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Education (NKLM) compared to other international frameworks
Titel: Hecht, Arthur:  2015. Quality expectations and tolerance limits of trial master files (TMF) – Developing a risk-based approach for quality assessments of TMFs
Titel: Hoffrage, Ulrich:  2015. Chances and risks in medical risk communication
Titel: Koller, Michael:  2015. Societal perspectives on risk awareness and risk competence
Titel: Kostev, Karel:  2015. Risk of hypoglycaemia in type 2 diabetes patients under different insulin regimens: a primary care database analysis
Titel: Mühlhauser, Ingrid:  2015. Evidence-based health information and risk competence
Titel: Müller, Martin:  2015. Developing and piloting a multifactorial intervention to address participation and quality of life in nursing home residents with joint contractures (JointConImprove): study protocol
Titel: Ramirez, Isabelle:  2015. Navigating the maze of requirements for obtaining approval of non-interventional studies (NIS) in the European Union
Titel: Richter, Hartmut:  2015. Use of a German longitudinal prescription database (LRx) in pharmacoepidemiology
Titel: Russ, Hagen:  2015. Evaluation of clinical trials by Ethics Committees in Germany – results and a comparison of two surveys performed among members of the German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa)
Titel: Schiekirka, Sarah:  2015. Evaluation in medical education: A topical review of target parameters, data collection tools and confounding factors
Titel: Schweim, Harald:  2015. Increasing the risk competence of patients: an interdisciplinary task
Titel: Schweim, Harald:  2015. Media influence on risk competence in self-medication and self-treatment

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