Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

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Genre: neural computing, neural networks, artificial intelligence, neural engineering, computational neuroscience, Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics, R858-859.7, Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry, RC321-571
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Titel: Abdelghani Dahou:  2019. Arabic Sentiment Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network and Differential Evolution Algorithm
Titel: Abhishek Tiwari:  2019. Fusion of Motif- and Spectrum-Related Features for Improved EEG-Based Emotion Recognition
Titel: Alberto Antonietti:  2019. Control of a Humanoid NAO Robot by an Adaptive Bioinspired Cerebellar Module in 3D Motion Tasks
Titel: Alexandru Lavric:  2019. KeratoDetect: Keratoconus Detection Algorithm Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Titel: Ali Bou Nassif:  2019. Software Development Effort Estimation Using Regression Fuzzy Models
Titel: Alkin Yurtkuran:  2019. An Improved Electromagnetic Field Optimization for the Global Optimization Problems
Titel: Anastassia Angelopoulou:  2019. Brain-Inspired Intelligent Systems for Daily Assistance
Titel: André Cyr:  2019. Spatial Concept Learning: A Spiking Neural Network Implementation in Virtual and Physical Robots
Titel: Awwal Muhammad Dawud:  2019. Application of Deep Learning in Neuroradiology: Brain Haemorrhage Classification Using Transfer Learning
Titel: Aziguli Wulamu:  2019. Multiscale Road Extraction in Remote Sensing Images
Titel: Baozhong Li:  2019. Position Estimation Based on Grid Cells and Self-Growing Self-Organizing Map
Titel: Bilal Alchalabi:  2019. A Comparison between BCI Simulation and Neurofeedback for Forward/Backward Navigation in Virtual Reality
Titel: Bin Yang:  2019. Stock Market Forecasting Using Restricted Gene Expression Programming
Titel: Carolina Saavedra:  2019. Wavelet-Based Semblance Methods to Enhance the Single-Trial Detection of Event-Related Potentials for a BCI Spelling System
Titel: Chang Liu:  2019. Tracking the Brain State Transition Process of Dynamic Function Connectivity Based on Resting State fMRI
Titel: Chenghong Zhang:  2019. Motion Simulation of Ionic Liquid Gel Soft Actuators Based on CPG Control
Titel: Chenglong Ge:  2019. Hybrid Degradation Equipment Remaining Useful Life Prediction Oriented Parallel Simulation considering Model Soft Switch
Titel: Chi Qin Lai:  2019. Arrangements of Resting State Electroencephalography as the Input to Convolutional Neural Network for Biometric Identification
Titel: Dan Gan:  2019. Adaptive Learning Emotion Identification Method of Short Texts for Online Medical Knowledge Sharing Community
Titel: DanFeng Yan:  2019. Leveraging Contextual Sentences for Text Classification by Using a Neural Attention Model
Titel: Dong Xiao:  2019. Large-Truck Safety Warning System Based on Lightweight SSD Model
Titel: Elisa Magosso:  2019. EEG Alpha Power Is Modulated by Attentional Changes during Cognitive Tasks and Virtual Reality Immersion
Titel: Ester Martinez-Martin:  2019. Rehabilitation Technology: Assistance from Hospital to Home
Titel: Faming Gong:  2019. A Real-Time Fire Detection Method from Video with Multifeature Fusion
Titel: Fang Su:  2019. Low-Rank Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Multitask Learning
Titel: Fatin Aqilah Binti Abdul Aziz:  2019. Tropospheric Ozone Formation Estimation in Urban City, Bangi, Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Titel: Fevrier Valdez:  2019. Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Neuro-Fuzzy Models in Real-World Control and Robotics Applications
Titel: Francisco Gomez-Donoso:  2019. Enhancing the Ambient Assisted Living Capabilities with a Mobile Robot
Titel: G. López-Vázquez:  2019. Evolutionary Spiking Neural Networks for Solving Supervised Classification Problems
Titel: George Kopsiaftis:  2019. Gaussian Process Regression Tuned by Bayesian Optimization for Seawater Intrusion Prediction
Titel: Giulia Cartocci:  2019. Antismoking Campaigns’ Perception and Gender Differences: A Comparison among EEG Indices
Titel: Greta Tuckute:  2019. Single-Trial Decoding of Scalp EEG under Natural Conditions
Titel: Guoliang Chen:  2019. Mobile Robot Path Planning Using Ant Colony Algorithm and Improved Potential Field Method
Titel: Haifeng Sang:  2019. Multi-Information Flow CNN and Attribute-Aided Reranking for Person Reidentification
Titel: Hanlin Tan:  2019. Pixelwise Estimation of Signal-Dependent Image Noise Using Deep Residual Learning
Titel: Hardi M. Mohammed:  2019. A Systematic and Meta-Analysis Survey of Whale Optimization Algorithm
Titel: Hoang Viet Long:  2019. A New Approach for Construction of Geodemographic Segmentation Model and Prediction Analysis
Titel: Hong Zeng:  2019. A LightGBM-Based EEG Analysis Method for Driver Mental States Classification
Titel: Hyun Jae Baek:  2019. Enhancing the Usability of Brain-Computer Interface Systems
Titel: Jeong Woo Choi:  2019. Covert Intention to Answer to Self-Referential Questions Is Represented in Alpha-Band Local and Interregional Neural Synchronies
Titel: Jeong Woo Choi:  2019. Covert Intention to Answer “Yes” or “No” Can Be Decoded from Single-Trial Electroencephalograms (EEGs)
Titel: Jian Kui Feng:  2019. An Optimized Channel Selection Method Based on Multifrequency CSP-Rank for Motor Imagery-Based BCI System
Titel: Jianfang Cao:  2019. An Improved Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm and Its Application in Multilabel Image Labeling
Titel: Jingjing Liu:  2019. Sensor Fault Detection and Diagnosis Method for AHU Using 1-D CNN and Clustering Analysis
Titel: Jinjiang Li:  2019. Multifocus Image Fusion Using Wavelet-Domain-Based Deep CNN
Titel: José García:  2019. A Db-Scan Binarization Algorithm Applied to Matrix Covering Problems
Titel: Jun Li:  2019. Dual CNN for Relation Extraction with Knowledge-Based Attention and Word Embeddings
Titel: Kang-min Choi:  2019. Comparison of Visual Stimuli for Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces in Virtual Reality Environment in terms of Classification Accuracy and Visual Comfort
Titel: Ke Wang:  2019. Learning Domain-Independent Deep Representations by Mutual Information Minimization
Titel: Khaled Ben Khalifa:  2019. A Novel Hardware Systolic Architecture of a Self-Organizing Map Neural Network
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