Romanian journal of fiscal policy: RJFP

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Veröffentlicht: Editura ASE 2010
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Schlagworte: Finanzpolitik
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Titel: Vera, Leonardo:  2016. Fluctuation paths and controversial issues of fiscal policy where do these leave us?
Titel: Shamsi, Neelma:  2016. Government debt and budget deficit nexus in Pakistan evidence for Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis
Titel: Bökemeier, Bettina:  2015. Economic growth and the public deficit in EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe
Titel: Claeys, Peter:  2015. On measuring structural reform
Titel: Debrun, Xavier:  2015. Safe public debt towards and operational definition
Titel: Dumitrescu, Bogdan:  2015. Editorial
Titel: Dumitrescu, Bogdan Andrei:  2015. Arguments in the debate austerity versus growth in Romania
Titel: Jabeen, Asma:  2015. Is trade liberalization, economic growth, energy consumption good for the environment?
Titel: Ziolo, Magdalena:  2015. Diagnosing fiscal distress regional evidence from Polish municipalities
Titel: Kren, Janez:  2015. Dynamics in European exports in times of crisis the impact on growth at home and abroad
Titel: Baroian, Elena:  2014. Can macroeconomic volatility affect stock market volatility? the case of 5 central and eastern European countries
Titel: Dutta, Parag:  2014. Fiscal and debt sustainability in a federal structure the case of Assam in North East India
Titel: Papanikos, Gregory T.:  2014. The Greek sovereign debt are there really any options?
Titel: Tatu, Ştefania:  2014. An application of debt Laffer curve empirical evidence for Romania's case
Titel: Apanisile, Tolulope Olumuyiwa:  2014. Does military expenditure influence economic growth in Nigeria during 1989 - 2013? a bound testing approach
Titel: Miricescu, Emilian-Constantin:  2014. A SWOT analysis of the financial decentralization strategies for the Romanian pre-university education
Titel: Munawar-Shah, Syed:  2014. Assessing fiscal sustainability for SAARC and IMT-GT countries
Titel: Dada, Matthew Abiodun:  2013. Composition effects of government expenditure on private consumption and output growth in Nigeria a single-equation error correction modelling
Titel: Kaya, Ayşe:  2013. How to achieve and sustain fiscal discipline in Turkey rising Taxes, reducing government spending or a combination of both?
Titel: Khan, Mohd. Azam:  2013. Impact of Value-Added Tax (VAT) revenue in major states of India
Titel: Kuncoro, Haryo:  2013. The dynamic interaction between monetary and fiscal policies in Indonesia
Titel: Richter, Christian:  2013. Tax and spend, spend and tax, fiscal synchronisation or institutional separation? examining the case of Greece
Titel: Vlad, Claudia Ioana:  2013. Capital adequacy in the context of markets turmoil
Titel: Alexe, Ileana:  2012. How does economic crisis change the landscape of real convergence for Central and Eastern Europe?
Titel: Bodislav, Alexandru:  2012. How did we get to the deficit spectrum of the economic crisis?
Titel: Doroftei, Irina Mădălina:  2012. Some considerations on the challenges to the economic science
Titel: Gyorgy, Attila:  2012. Social contributions in Romania
Titel: Miricescu, Emilian Constantin:  2012. An analysis of Romania's short-run sovereign rating determinants
Titel: Moinescu, Bogdan Gabriel:  2012. Maastricht criteria targeting and credit growth empirical evidences for the new EU member states
Titel: Popa, Ana-Maria:  2012. The impact of social factors on economic growth empirical evidence for Romania and European Union countries
Titel: Stoian, Andreea:  2012. How vulnerable is fiscal policy in Central and Eastern European countries?
Titel: Tahir, Nadia:  2012. Debt and fiscal responsibility in a federal structure the case of Pakistan
Titel: Curtaşu, Anca Ruxandra:  2011. How to assess public debt sustainability empirical evidence for the advanced European countries
Titel: Kakar, Zaheer Khan:  2011. Impact of fiscal variables on economic development of Pakistan
Titel: Kunvoro, Haryo:  2011. The Indonesias state budget sustainability and its implication for financial system stability
Titel: Sucharita, Sanhita:  2011. Fiscal discipline in India
Titel: Zaman, Khalid:  2011. Relationship between economic freedom and pro-poor growth evidence from Pakistan (1995-2010)
Titel: Shaheen, Safana:  2011. Financial development, international trade and economic growth empirical evidence from Pakistan
Titel: Adnan, Qazi Muhammad:  2010. Revenue and expenditure nexus a case study of Romania
Titel: Mehmood, Rashid:  2010. The relationship between government expenditure and poverty a cointegration analysis
Titel: Pelinescu, Elena:  2010. Fiscal policy in the context of the economic crisis

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