Central European journal of operations research: CEJOR ; official journal of the Austrian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian and Slovenian OR Societies

Vorheriger Titel: Czechoslovak journal for operations research
Format: Zeitschrift
Genre: Zeitschrift
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Springer 1993
Beschreibung: 24 cm
Schlagworte: Operations Research
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Anmerkung: Beteil. Körp. anfangs: Slovak Society for Operations Research; The Austrian Society for Operations Research; The Czech Society for Econometrics and Operations Research.
Titel: Gaspars-Wieloch, Helena:  2019. Project Net Present Value estimation under uncertainty
Titel: Kien Trung Nguyen:  2019. The inverse 1-center problem on cycles with variable edge lengths
Titel: Kogan, Konstantin:  2019. Discounting revisited evolutionary perspectives on competition and coordination in a supply chain with multiple retailers
Titel: Ozolins, Ansis:  2019. Improved bounded dynamic programming algorithm for solving the blocking flow shop problem
Titel: Brugha, Cathal M.:  2019. Jean-Pierre Brans portrait of a fiery soul
Titel: Gurgul, Henryk:  2019. On approximating the accelerator part in dynamic input-output models
Titel: Horváth, Markó:  2019. Computing strong lower and upper bounds for the integrated multiple-depot vehicle and crew scheduling problem with branch-and-price
Titel: McCormick, Gordon:  2019. A composite game of hide and seek
Titel: Hrebik, Radek:  2019. Optimal unions of hidden classes
Titel: Kara, Güray:  2019. Stability advances in robust portfolio optimization under parallelepiped uncertainty
Titel: Orbán-Mihálykó, Éva:  2019. A generalization of the Thurstone method for multiple choice and incomplete paired comparisons
Titel: Roboredo, Marcos Costa:  2019. An exact approach for the r-interdiction covering problem with fortification
Titel: Budak, Gerçek:  2019. New mathematical models for team formation of sports clubs before the match
Titel: Salazar-Aguilar, M. Angélica:  2019. The scale force sizing problem with multi-period workload assignments, and service time windows
Titel: Bomze, Immanuel M.:  2018. Building a completely positive factorization
Titel: Fiala, Petr:  2018. Project portfolio designing using data envelopment analysis and De Novo optimisation
Titel: Fu, Jing:  2018. Two-stage data envelopment analysis with undesirable intermediate measures an application to air quality improvement in China
Titel: Jablonsky, Josef:  2018. Ranking of countries in sporting events using two-stage data envelopment analysis models a case of Summer Olympic Games 2016
Titel: Kapelko, Magdalena:  2018. Measuring inefficiency for specific inputs using data envelopment analysis evidence from construction industry in Spain and Portugal
Titel: Kovacevic, Raimund:  2018. Stochastic contagion models without immunity their long term behaviour and the optimal level of treatment
Titel: Rötheli, Tobias F.:  2018. Should business rely on business cycle forecasting?
Titel: Borozan, Djula:  2018. Analyzing total-factor energy efficiency in Croatian counties evidence from a non-parametric approach
Titel: Darvay, Zsolt:  2018. Large-step interior-point algorithm for linear optimization based on a new wide neighbourhood
Titel: Doerner, Karl Franz:  2018. Metaheuristic search techniques for multi-objective and stochastic problems a history of the inventions of Walter J. Gutjahr in the past 22 years
Titel: Fandel, Günter:  2018. Investments in supplier-specific economies of scope with two different services and different supplier characters two specialists
Titel: Gardijan, Margareta:  2018. Measuring the relative efficiency of the food and drink industry in the chosen EU countries using the data envelopment analysis with missing data
Titel: Halická, Margaréta:  2018. Negative features of hyperbolic and directional distance models for technologies with undesirable outputs
Titel: Haurand, Michelle D.:  2018. Stakes or garlic? studying the emergence of dominant designs through an agent-based model of a vampire economy
Titel: Hofmann, Marko:  2018. Time to dispense with the p-value in OR? rationale and implications of the statement of the American Statistical Association (ASA) on p-values
Titel: Holý, Vladimir:  2018. Are economically advanced countries more efficient in basic and applied research?
Titel: Jelić, Slobodan:  2018. Government formation poblem
Titel: Kaya, Onur:  2018. Supply chain contracts for capacity decisions under symmetric and asymmetric information
Titel: Kojić, Vedran:  2018. An alternative approach to solving cost minimization problem with Cobb-Douglas technology
Titel: Kvet, Marek:  2018. Fair emergency system design under uncertainty
Titel: Lidinska, Lucie:  2018. AHP model for performance evaluation of employees in a Czech management consulting company
Titel: Marošević, Tomislav:  2018. Modified indices of political power a case study of a few parliaments
Titel: Matulová, Markéta:  2018. Transformation of urban public transport financing and its effect on operators' efficiency evidence from the Czech Republic
Titel: Parragh, Sophie N.:  2018. Solving routing problems with pairwise synchronization constraints
Titel: Pflug, Georg:  2018. Systemic risk and copula models
Titel: Trdin, Nejc:  2018. Extending the multi-criteria decision making method DEX with numeric attributes, value distributions and relational models
Titel: Ćwik, Michał:  2018. Heuristic algorithms for the minmax regret flow-shop problem with interval processing times
Titel: Amaro-Mellado, J. L.:  2018. Mapping of seismic parameters of the Iberian Peninsula by means of a geographic information system
Titel: Behrens, Doris:  2018. Why local air pollution is more than daily peaks modelling policies in a city in order to avoid premature deaths
Titel: Bod'a, Martin:  2018. Unobservable or omitted production variables in data envelopment analysis through unit-specific production trade-offs
Titel: Burkart, Christian:  2018. Funds allocation in NPOs the role of administrative cost ratios
Titel: Csizmadia, Adrienn:  2018. Finiteness of the quadratic primal simplex method when s-monotone index selection rules are applied
Titel: Fikar, Christian:  2018. Agent-based simulation optimization for dynamic disaster relief distribution
Titel: Gansterer, Margaretha:  2018. Exact solutions for the collaborative pickup and delivery problem
Titel: Hatami-Marbini, Adel:  2018. Efficiency analysis in two-stage structures using fuzzy data envelopment analysis
Titel: Inderfurth, Karl:  2018. Inventory control in dual sourcing commodity procurement with price correlation

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