The arts in psychotherapy: an internat. journal ; art, dance, music, poetry, creativity in therapy

Vorheriger Titel: Art psychotherapy
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Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Elsevier 1980
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Titel: Ahessy, Bill:  2017. Song writing with clients who have dementia: A case study
Titel: Clements-Cortés, Amy:  2017. Artful wellness: Attending chamber music concert reduces pain and increases mood and energy for older adults
Titel: Kang, Hyun-Jung:  2017. Supportive Music and Imagery with Sandplay for Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence: A Pilot Study Report
Titel: Kang, Hyun-Jung:  2017. Supportive music and imagery with sandplay for child witnesses of domestic violence: A pilot study report
Titel: Kawano, Tomoyo:  2017. Developing a dance movement therapy approach to qualitatively analyzing interview data
Titel: Koch, Sabine C:  2017. Arts and health: Active factors and a theory framework of embodied aesthetics
Titel: Bat Or, Michal:  2017. Paternal representations and contemporary parenthood themes through a clay figure-sculpting task among fathers of toddlers
Titel: Eğeci, İ. Sine:  2017. Use of cinematherapy in dealing with relationship problems
Titel: Feniger-Schaal, Rinat:  2017. The embodiment of attachment: Directional and shaping movements in adults’ mirror game
Titel: Gavrielidou, Maria:  2017. An investigation of pivotal moments in music therapy in adult mental health
Titel: Haack, Brenton:  2017. Effects of guitar accompaniment style within patient preferred live music on mood and pain with hospitalized patients on a solid organ transplant unit: A three group randomized pilot study
Titel: Kruger, Deirdre:  2017. Gluing the pieces together: Female adolescents’ construction of meaning through digital metaphoric imagery in trauma therapy
Titel: Pereira, Nádia Salgado:  2017. Including educational dance in an after-school socio-emotional learning program significantly improves pupils’ self-management and relationship skills? A quasi experimental study
Titel: Schwantes, Melody:  2017. “A team working together to make a big, nice, sound”: An action research pilot study in an inclusive college setting
Titel: Goldner, Limor:  2017. Separateness and closeness as expressed in Bird’s Nest Drawings: Relationships with partners and with the unborn child among expectant parents
Titel: Han, Youjin:  2017. Effects of a sandplay therapy program at a childcare center on children with externalizing behavioral problems
Titel: Sajnani, Nisha:  2017. Critical perspectives in the arts therapies: Response/ability across a continuum of practice
Titel: Holmqvist, Gärd:  2017. What art therapists consider to be patient’s inner change and how it may appear during art therapy
Titel: Uhlig, Sylka:  2017. Rap and singing are used by music therapists to enhance emotional self-regulation of youth: Results of a survey of music therapists in the Netherlands
Titel: Keulen-de Vos, Marije:  2017. Evoking emotional states in personality disordered offenders: An experimental pilot study of experiential drama therapy techniques
Titel: Moore, Raeanne C:  2017. Development and pilot randomized control trial of a drama program to enhance well-being among older adults
Titel: Thaler, Lea:  2017. An adjunctive, museum-based art therapy experience in the treatment of women with severe eating disorders
Titel: 2016. Acknowledgement to reviewers
Titel: 2016. Books of Potential Interest
Titel: 2016. Editoral board
Titel: 2016. Editoral board
Titel: 2016. Editoral board
Titel: 2016. Editoral board
Titel: 2016. Editoral board
Titel: Edwards, Jane:  2016. Is there such a thing as qualitative research?
Titel: Edwards, Jane:  2016. The client experience and the needs of therapy practitioners: Finding a balance when focussing research topics in the creative arts therapies
Titel: Feniger-Schaal, Rinat:  2016. A dramatherapy case study with a young man who has dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and mental health problems
Titel: Frydman, Jason S:  2016. Role theory and executive functioning: Constructing cooperative paradigms of drama therapy and cognitive neuropsychology
Titel: Gwinner, Karleen:  2016. Arts, therapy and health: Three stakeholder viewpoints related to young people’s mental health and wellbeing in Australia
Titel: Juan, Teresa Fernández de:  2016. Music therapy for women survivors of intimate partner violence: An intercultural experience from a feminist perspective
Titel: Ko, Kyung Soon:  2016. Using bodily movement in supervision for expressive arts therapy students: A case study
Titel: Rankanen, Mimmu:  2016. Clients’ experiences of the impacts of an experiential art therapy group
Titel: Reisman, Michael D:  2016. Drama therapy to empower patients with schizophrenia: Is justice possible?
Titel: Reisman, Michael D:  2016. Drama therapy to empower patients with schizophrenia: is justice possible?
Titel: Van Lith, Theresa:  2016. Art therapy in mental health: A systematic review of approaches and practices
Titel: Zarate, Rebecca:  2016. Clinical improvisation and its effect on anxiety: A multiple single subject design
Titel: van den Tol, Annemieke J.M:  2016. The appeal of sad music: A brief overview of current directions in research on motivations for listening to sad music
Titel: Ali, Alisha:  2016. Theatre as a treatment for posttraumatic stress in military veterans: Exploring the psychotherapeutic potential of mimetic induction
Titel: Atalia Mosek, A:  2016. Integrating art in psychodynamic-narrative group work to promote the resilience of caring professionals
Titel: Atalia Mosek, A:  2016. Integrating art in psychodynamic-narrative group work to promote the resilience of caring professionals
Titel: Beaumont, Elaine:  2016. A proposal to support student therapists to develop compassion for self and others through Compassionate Mind Training
Titel: Brooks, Susan D.M:  2016. Clinical outcomes from The BodyMind Approach™ in the treatment of patients with medically unexplained symptoms in primary health care in England: Practice-based evidence
Titel: Czamanski-Cohen, J:  2016. The bodymind model: A platform for studying the mechanisms of change induced by art therapy
Titel: Edwards, Jane:  2016. Using meta-synthesis to support application of qualitative methods findings in practice: A discussion of meta-ethnography, narrative synthesis, and critical interpretive synthesis
Titel: Elwafi, Paige Robbins:  2016. Listening to music as part of treatment for breast cancer: A qualitative content analysis of patients’ listening logs

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