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Veröffentlicht: 1975
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Titel: Baum, Ido:  2015. Legal transplants v. transnational law: lessons from the Israeli adoption of public factors in forum non conveniens
Titel: Bloch-Wehba, Hannah:  2015. Confronting totalitarianism at home: the roots of European privacy protections
Titel: Brown, J. Robert, Jr:  2015. Secularism, sharia, and the Turkish financial markets
Titel: Cheung, Alvin Y.H:  2015. Road to nowhere: Hong Kong's democratization and China's obligations under public international law
Titel: Djabarova, Zamira M:  2015. Improving corporate accountability by strengthening employment law
Titel: Feinzeig, Joshua A:  2015. Promoting world peace through the use of the "good book": implementing foreign policy through the Tax Code
Titel: King, Burton W:  2015. Castaway: navigating unchartered waters
Titel: Li, Ka Ni:  2015. Re-conceptualizing the notion of "employer": the case of labor dispatch workers in China
Titel: Noah, Barbara A:  2015. A better death in Britain?
Titel: Rodman, Elana:  2015. From criminalization to regulation: new classifications of cannabis necessitate reform of United Nations drug treaties
Titel: Rubya, Tamanna:  2015. The ready-made garment industry: an analysis of Bangladesh's labor law provisions after the Savar tragedy
Titel: Stanley, Mary Ellen:  2015. From China with love: espionage in the age of foreign investment
Titel: Travis, Hannibal:  2015. Reparations for mass atrocities as a path to peace: after Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., can victims seek relief at the International Criminal Court?
Titel: Wertman, Clarissa A:  2015. There's no place like home: access to housing for all South Africans
Titel: Kabau, Tom:  2015. A human rights-based approach to the global regulation of humanitarian relief: the emerging obligation to incorporate local participation
Titel: Kryvoi, Yaraslau:  2015. Consent awards in international arbitration: from settlement to enforcement
Titel: Abeyratne, Rehan:  2014. Socioeconomic Rights in the Indian Constitution: Toward a Broader Conception of Legitimacy
Titel: Adams Shoor, Emily:  2014. Narrowing the Right to Be Forgotten: Why the European Union Needs to Amend the Proposed Data Protection Regulation
Titel: Blake, Jillian:  2014. Should Domestic Courts Prosecute Genocide? Examining the Trial of Efraín Ríos Montt
Titel: Claire Bailey, Leslie:  2014. Notes - Out of Africa: Toward Regional Solutions for Internal Displacement
Titel: Dam, Shubhankar:  2014. An Institutional Alchemy: India's Two Parliaments in Comparative Context
Titel: Galante, Victoria:  2014.
Titel: Joy Stein, Ashley:  2014. Reforming the Sentencing Regime for the Most Serious Crimes of Concern: The International Criminal Court Through the Lens of the Lubanga Trial
Titel: Kahn, Robert A:  2014. Flemming Rose's Rejection of the American Free Speech Canon and the Poverty of Comparative Constitutional Theory
Titel: Kehrli, Kevin:  2014. The Unspecified Specificity of Sport: A Proposed Solution to the European Court of Justice's Treatment of the Specificity of Sport
Titel: Lammertse, Matthew:  2014. Apple vs. Android: Global Software Patentability and the Mobile OS Wars
Titel: Lavander, Thomas:  2014. Using the Julian Assange Dispute to Address International Law's Failure to Address the Right of Diplomatic Asylum
Titel: Li, Xiao:  2014. Legal and Economic Development with Sui Generis Chinese Characteristics: A Systems Theorist's Perspective
Titel: Milbrandt, Jay:  2014. Adopting the Stateless
Titel: Park, Junsun:  2014. Enforcement of Securities Law in the Global Marketplace: Cross-Border Cooperation in the Prosecution of Transnational Hedge Fund Fraud
Titel: Slattery, Thomas:  2014. Taking a Bit out of Crime: Bitcoin and Cross-Border Tax Evasion
Titel: Weiss, Hilary:  2014. Genetically Modified Crops: Why Cultivation Matters
Titel: Wellington, Leslie:  2014. Protecting India's Slum Dwellers: Rajiv Awas Yojana's Slum-Free Cities Program and the Seventy-Fourth Constitutional Amendment Act
Titel: Zhao, Bo:  2014. Posthumous Reputation and Posthumous Privacy in China: The Dead, the Law, and the Social Transition
Titel: Gopalan, Sandeep:  2014. Enforcing International Law: States, IOs, and Courts as Shaming Reference Groups
Titel: Bilotta, Cara:  2013. Notes - Ending the Commercial Siesta: The Shortcomings of European Union Directive 2011/7 on Combating Late Payments in Commercial Transactions
Titel: Cavise, Leonard L:  2013. Post-Earthquake Legal Reform in Haiti: In On the Ground Floor
Titel: Chandrachud, Abhinav:  2013. Diversity and the International Criminal Court: Does Geographic Background Impact Decision Making?
Titel: Ciolino, Katelyn E:  2013. Notes - Up in the Air: The Conflict Surrounding the European Union's Aviation Directive and the Implications of a Judicial Resolution
Titel: Clark Hersey, Elizabeth:  2013. No Universal Target: Distinguishing Between Terrorism and Human Rights Violations in Targeted Sanctions Regimes
Titel: David Landry, Benjamin:  2013. A Tragedy of the Anticommons: The Economic Inefficiencies of Space Law
Titel: Halajian, Dina:  2013. Inadequacy of TRIPS & the Compulsory License: Why Broad Compulsory Licensing is Not a Viable Solution to the Access to Medicine Problem
Titel: Holness, Toni:  2013. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Rights in the Caribbean: Using Regional Bodies to Advance Culturally Charged Human Rights
Titel: Mathieu, Emilie:  2013. Beyond Wall Street: Germany, the United States, and Executive Compensation
Titel: McKenna, Caroline E:  2013. India's Challenge: Preserving Privacy Rights While Implementing an Effective National Identification System
Titel: Mukum Mbaku, John:  2013. Providing a Foundation for Wealth Creation and Development in Africa: The Role of the Rule of Law
Titel: Oppenheim, Jesse:  2013. Danger at 700,000 Feet: Why the United States Needs to Develop a Kinetic Anti-Satellite Missile Technology Test-Ban Treaty
Titel: Park, Gabriel K:  2013. Granting an Automatic Authorization for Military Response: Protecting National Critical Infrastructure from Cyberattack
Titel: Poodiack, Timothy:  2013. The Cost Recovery Act and Tobacco Litigation in Canada: A Model for Fast Food Litigation
Titel: Quénivet, Noëlle:  2013. The Liberal Discourse and the "New Wars" of/on Children

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